Hong Kong Fir Shipping Ltd v Kisen Kaisha – 1962

March 05, 2024
Micheal James

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Case Summary:

Hong Kong Fir Shipping Ltd v Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (1962) dives into the murky waters of breach of contract remedies, introducing the groundbreaking concept of innominate terms. This case explores the question: when a party breaches a contractual term, does it automatically sink the entire agreement, or are there shades of gray in legal responses?

Facts of the Case:

  • Hong Kong Fir Shipping (charterers) hired the “Hongkong Fir” from Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (owners) for a two-year charter.
  • Clause 1 obligated the owners to deliver a “seaworthy” vessel, and Clause 3 required them to maintain its good condition.
  • Upon delivery, the vessel’s machinery, though “reasonably good,” required constant maintenance due to age.
  • The inefficient chief engineer exacerbated the situation, leading to numerous breakdowns and delays.
  • Claiming a breach of seaworthiness, the charterers repudiated the contract and sought damages.


  1. Breach & Repudiation: Did the owners’ failure to provide a perfectly seaworthy vessel constitute a fundamental breach justifying automatic termination (repudiation)?
  2. Severity and Remedies: How should the court determine the severity of a breach and its consequences for the contract?
  3. Innominate Terms: A New Anchor? Does the concept of innominate terms offer a more flexible approach to breach of contract remedies, balancing the interests of both parties?


The Court of Appeal charted a new course:

  • The seaworthiness obligation, while important, did not reach the level of a fundamental term, as delays did not render the vessel totally unfit for its purpose.
  • The breach was deemed an innominate term, meaning its consequences depended on the severity of the breach and its impact on the contract’s overall performance.
  • In this case, the delays, although serious, did not amount to a frustration of the contract, and repudiation was not justified.

Significance of the Case:

This case established the concept of innominate terms as a middle ground between:

  • Conditions: Breach leads to automatic termination.
  • Warranties: Breach leads only to damages.


  • Flexible Remedies: Innominate terms allow tailoring remedies to the specific breach, ensuring fairer outcomes.
  • Proportionality Matters: Minor breaches shouldn’t sink valuable agreements.
  • Balancing Interests: Protects innocent parties from excessive consequences while upholding contractual obligations.

Additional Points:

  • Analyze arguments from dissenting judges for a broader understanding.
  • Discuss potential criticisms of the innominate term concept.
  • Explore the evolution of contract law and the continued relevance of this case.


Hong Kong Fir v Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (1962) stands tall as a landmark, navigating the complexities of breach of contract with the innovative concept of innominate terms. It reminds us that legal responses should be proportional, balancing fairness with contractual obligations. This case continues to guide courts and parties in navigating the intricate world of contractual breaches and their consequences.

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