Merritt v Merritt – 1970

January 11, 2024
Micheal James

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Introduction to Merritt v Merritt – 1970

“Merritt v Merritt” stands as a significant case in contract law due to its involvement with a dispute between spouses, Mr. and Mrs. Merritt. This case serves as an exemplar in the legal sphere, focusing on the validity and enforceability of agreements made within marital relationships. The case’s relevance lies in its exploration of contractual obligations between married individuals, shedding light on how such agreements are interpreted and upheld in legal contexts.


The case traces back to an agreement between Mr. and Mrs. Merritt regarding the transfer of a property into Mr. Merritt’s name after the mortgage was settled. The agreement was initially verbal and set against the backdrop of their marital relationship. However, following the agreement, the relationship deteriorated, leading to disputes over the property’s ownership and the fulfillment of the verbal arrangement. This case’s essence revolves around the interpretation and execution of agreements within spousal relationships.

Legal Issue

At the heart of the legal dispute in Merritt v Merritt was the question of whether the verbal agreement between spouses constituted a legally binding contract. The central issue revolved around the enforceability of the agreement made within the context of marriage, which raised queries about the validity of such agreements and their recognition in contract law.

Chronology of Events

The sequence of events commenced with the verbal agreement between Mr. and Mrs. Merritt concerning the property transfer. Subsequently, the breakdown in their relationship led to disagreements about the property’s ownership. The disagreement escalated, prompting the case to enter the legal realm for resolution.

Court Proceedings

Throughout the legal proceedings, both parties presented their arguments, each side advocating for their interpretation and understanding of the agreement. The court diligently assessed the factual evidence and evaluated the nature of the agreement’s validity, considering its essential elements as a legally binding contract. Factors such as mutual assent, consideration, and intention to create legal relations were scrutinized during the proceedings.

Judgment and Ruling

Ultimately, the court ruled in favor of Mrs. Merritt, recognizing the agreement between the spouses as a valid and enforceable contract. Despite being a verbal agreement made within a marital relationship, the court acknowledged that it met the criteria of a legally binding contract, requiring compliance.

Impact and Precedent

Merritt v Merritt’s enduring impact lies in establishing a precedent that agreements between spouses, if meeting the requirements of a valid contract, can hold legal weight, even without written documentation. This precedent significantly contributes to the understanding of contractual obligations within familial relationships, setting a benchmark for similar cases involving spousal agreements.

Significance and Lessons

The significance of Merritt v Merritt underscores the importance of understanding contract law’s fundamental principles, even within familial settings. It elucidates the significance of clear communication, mutual understanding, and the key elements constituting a valid contract, emphasizing the need for diligence and comprehension when entering agreements.


In conclusion, Merritt v Merritt serves as an illustrative case, highlighting the intricacies of contractual agreements within marital relationships. This case reinforces the importance of comprehending the essential elements of contracts and their applicability within familial contexts, contributing significantly to the broader principles of contract law, especially concerning agreements made between spouses.

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