With v O’Flanagan – 1936

March 05, 2024
Micheal James

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With v O’Flanagan (1936) is a landmark English contract law case concerning misrepresentation. It established the principle that a party making a representation during contract negotiations has a duty to disclose material changes in circumstances before the contract is finalized, even if the initial representation was true at the time. This case significantly impacted the understanding of good faith and transparency in contract formation.

Facts of the Case

  • Parties: Dr. With (purchaser) and Dr. O’Flanagan (seller)
  • Contract: Purchase of Dr. O’Flanagan’s medical practice
  • Representations: O’Flanagan represented the practice’s income and patient numbers as stable and lucrative.
  • Changes in circumstances: Shortly after negotiations began, the practice experienced a decline in income and patient numbers due to external factors.
  • Knowledge of changes: O’Flanagan was aware of the decline but did not disclose it to With.

Legal Issue(s)

  1. Did O’Flanagan have a duty to disclose the changes in circumstances to With?
  2. Did the non-disclosure amount to misrepresentation, allowing With to rescind the contract?


The court ruled in favor of With, finding that:

  • O’Flanagan had a duty to disclose the material changes in circumstances as they rendered his initial representations inaccurate.
  • The non-disclosure constituted misrepresentation, as With entered the contract relying on outdated information.
  • With was entitled to rescind the contract due to O’Flanagan’s misrepresentation.

Ratio Decidendi

The case established the following legal principle:

  • When a party makes a representation during contract negotiations, a continuing duty arises to disclose any material changes in circumstances that make the representation inaccurate before the contract is finalized.
  • This duty is based on the concept of good faith and ensures both parties have access to accurate information for informed decision-making.

Obiter Dicta

The judges emphasized the importance of honesty and transparency in contract negotiations. They noted that the duty to disclose arises even if the non-disclosure was unintentional or negligent.

Impact and Significance

With v O’Flanagan significantly impacted contract law by:

  • Establishing a clear duty of disclosure for changed circumstances.
  • Raising the bar for ethical conduct in contract negotiations.
  • Protecting parties from entering contracts based on outdated or inaccurate information.

The case continues to be a cornerstone of English contract law and has been cited extensively in subsequent judgments.


With v O’Flanagan (1936) remains a vital case in contract law, emphasizing the importance of good faith and transparency in contractual dealings. The established duty of disclosure for changed circumstances serves as a safeguard against misrepresentation and promotes informed decision-making in contract formation.

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